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A Social Media Story - Follow up: Why

“In the end they are all dead!” that’s Shakespeare in ten seconds, and Friedrich Dürrenmatt stated in his theory on theatre: “A play has reached it ends in the worst possible outcome.”

Especially in the beginnng there were reactions of confusion on the Social Media Story. This is perfectly okay, because your mind tells you, no available schema fits, it is time for learning. But of course all these fair questions deserve an honest answer.
The answer is threefold: Why on Social Media? Why the format of storytelling? Why a fictional story?

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Why a fictional story?
After reading the intro, you hopefully agree that fortunately it is a fictional story. Recently I have argued that the Social Media demands bad case scenarios for meaningful risk management. Moreover in a fictional story the literary instrument of alienation allows to bring down all the defense weaponary (after all, nobody of us works for Telsup, no accusations!), and it also allows a more rational view (sorry, this is not my light bulb shining here, it is all Berthold Brecht).
Technically speaking, a fictional story allows compression and thus enhances read effeciency as well as a continous and steady one-go compilation (imagine I had send to you all the links of Social Media Story – follow up: What?)
And finally as I have read some literature on Storytelling in KM, I was curious whether also a fictional story can work.

Why the storytelling format?
Everything applies which was said by many smart people and what I have summarized and connected: the LTM, Storytelling and KM; Storytelling
But moreover a story can serve as a working platform / a war scenario. The stream of my consciousness goes like this: If the readers don’t believe the story to be realistic (now with all the sources in the background known), we can re-engineer the story to become more realistic (perhaps in more research of real bits and pieces), so the original story becomes as baseline for the very valuable discussion, what our risks are. Thus improved scenario and improved understanding of scenario risk (this technique is not only applicable to Social Media) are the result. If the scenario is agreed to be realistic based on the real sources, then an After Action (fictional) Review can take place. We can learn to improve on the scenario.

Why on Social Media?
A wake-up call! I don’t seem to reach the relevant people with my message that Social Media is vital for a global corporate player. The Social Media Story shows the potential impact of SM, and exemplifies that SM is not only social chit-chat for after work hours, and washes away the argument that is only about selling in business-to-consumer relations. Reading the story it shoots for a #socialtree and a #socialfirewall. So, don’t say, you didn’t know, it could happen.


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