Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

A Social Media Story - Day4

After human rights organizations have chosen to ride the Pascha wave on Twitter and have called to boycott Telsup networks, first customer reactions have been reported. In the beginning these reactions were few and isolated; via social media the boycott has gained momentum.

via stockxchng Manifestation by floche

Now Telsup has decided to counteract on Twitter. However no fans, followers and supporters have taken up the PR tweets in a positive context.  It has been seen through as a biased and untrustworthy media campaign. The Telsup statements are manifoldly retweeted, cited in many Blogs and everywhere negatively amplified. #Telsupoptimal.
A major skandinavian operator is reported to have canceled its Letter of Intent (LOI) for the next generation telecommunication infrastructure with Telsup.
The joint official statement of the Skandinavian operator and Telsup denies any relation of this decision with the recent negative social media resonsance of Telsup, but brings strategic-technical arguments of the decision.
The story of a Telsup employee is spread, who receives a call to order because of violation of the very rigid Telsup PR directives. There was no confirmation of the story whatsoever.


A Social Media Story - Day1

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