Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

A Social Media Story - Day5

The human rights networks don’t buy into the line of reasoning and take it for a lame excuse and a comfirmation that Telsup is not to be trusted. At the same time technical circles discuss the meaning of the operator reaction und the strategic-technical position of Telsup. Many see in the reaction of the operator an indication that the market leadership of Telsup is in real danger. Apart from the image to stick at nothing, now also the technial credibility suffers considerably, that is what most say. Telsup is now in defense. The few isolated representatives, be it the official PR gang or social media savvy employees are too few and too to make themselves heard, their contributions are discarded as biased.

via stockxchng Rest in peace by mattox 

In Telsup it is suspected that the Asian competitor is fuelling the uproar in social media. There are leads, but no proofs. An unfortunate statement in this direction outrages the technological community; they call it an absurd maneuver and paranoid divisionary tactic. A wave of conspiratory theories is floating.
The Telsup stocks are under pressure. Telsup is now also a topic in economic terms, concerned investors have their say on Twitter. The value of Telsup at New York Stock Exchange has got a tailspin.



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