Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

A Social Media Story - Day2

The IT company Quicknet has stepped quickly into the breach, and virtually overnight offered an internet-based work-around in order to keep communications for the revolutionaries going. Nowerecom and Telsup are in the pillory, while Quicknet has become a hero of the revolutionaries in Nowerestan.
“Responsive to pressure” the telecommunication networks are open again today. Was it really only maintenance works going on?
Pascha has been hauled off. But still from the prisson he is able to twitter one word: arrested. This is taken up by a national wave of twitter post in Nowerestan.
via stockxchng Egypt Revolution 1 by runin0

Demonstrations of angry revolutionaries target the office from operator Nowerecom as well as the local office of Telsup in the noweric capital. All foreign Telsup employees and their families have left the country following emergency procedures.
The CEO of Quicknet explains in an interview the outstanding importance of communication for the democratic change.


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