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A Social Media Story - Follow up: What

This blog post is part of the follow-up on the Social Media Story - the "When trees are the better walls" post was one of these urgent light bulb moments that took me away and the "Virtual coffee corner doesn't serve tea" an immediate response.

Yes, you are right and I admit: There is no country Nowerestan (nowhere land), and there is no living person Emin Pascha (so this on the positive side, the guy that I killed is already dead for more than 100 years, however the Germany discoverer Emin Pascha was an enemy of the Mahdi at that time). And the general plot did not happen like this. False information.
However, remember the schema in the human mind, in order to create a schema, some detailed information was discarded to build the schema.
I claim the pattern is built on true information. However a larger amount from various sources, but every major statement – that was the ambition – can be motivated by real recent events.
Before I next time explain the ambition of the experiement, the motivation and why I did it, here you find some of the sources and real events.
via stockxchng, Fuente de Gaudi by L Avi

First I would like to advertise to you  an Ericsson reference, mentioned in the story:
As the sources themselves for part of Social Media the follow the probabalistic principle of Social Media (so it might not be the original source of a thought and no investigation of the source’s impact qualitatively or quantitatively):
“The Social Media Revolution”, including the work of Social Media activist, government responses, arrestation and tweeting from the prison.
On how a bad tweet can backfire and on misinformation on Social Media:

      Operators & Suppliers:
      Competitors on Social Media:
      Free internet:

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      A Social Media Story - Follow up: Why

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