Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

A Social Media Story - Day1

 Another country drowns in the maelstrom of a social media revolution: Nowerestan. Today in online news has been published an interview with the noweric blogger star and social media activist Emin Pascha: about the revoltion, the work of the facebook revolutionaries and the role of the biggest operator Nowerecom and its sole supplier Telsup. According to Pascha, they provide the infrastructure and know-how, which is used by the secret service of Nowerestan to spy on the internet dissidents and Facebook revolutionaries, to reveal their identities and to localize them.

via stockxchng Interview by whitebeard

In contrast to earlier news the dictator of Nowerestan, al Mahdi, has not left the country, and the secret service fights with all weapons to regain the upper hand in the power struggle: Nowerecom and Telsup have been forced (the exact circumstances and the military authority are unclear) to help to switch off their telecommonucation networks. Did they cooperate in order to prevent lasting damage to the infrastructure? Telsup claims “regular maintenance” and “servers undergoing repair”.


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