Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Knowledge Mobilization in the connected community – examples from Ericsson

First of all: This isn’t a sponsored post - though I wouldn’t mind the donation of a fortune ;-) I stated recently that commoditization as a good part of Knowledge Mobilization. Commoditization puts abstract insights into action by making them tangible, e.g. by showing examples. Working for Ericsson, this is my home turf, these are the examples that I can bring to the table. If you want to add examples from other industries and companies, you are very welcome; this would make the picture much richer and Knowledge Mobilization a stronger “brand” (see the discussion on the “brand name” Knowledge Mobilization).
Recently I discussed Knowledge Mobilization for the corporate, and Knowledge Mobilization for the global community, concluding that the corporate can make a strong contribution to KMb for the connected community (what is mainly discussed and coined KMb), and to what additional demands KMb is exposed, in case of crisis and when the community is not yet connected.

Here you find some Ericsson examples for the connected community.
The Consumer Lab analyzes data to create consumer insights and thought-provoking ideas in areas of strategic importance for the ICT sector and thus works at the edge of Telecommunication, Business Arts and applied social studies.

Technology Insights explains ICT technology of today and tomorrow, inventions in terms of products and services, stretching the definition what is possible, and how to understand it.

Both are good examples of externalization and commoditization from Ericsson, but the most pronounced one is the Ericsson Academy.

Industry drivers do not only producs and sell, but drive the agendas. This is about asking the the relevant questions; questions, which are crucial for the future, Ericsson brings to the table The Networked Society.
Huge companies have the capabilities to facilitate and build the stage. The stage making thought leader, researchers and influencial thinkers heart towards a larger audience. This can be in the real world, e.g. by conference sponsoring (Ericsson: Atlantics Corridor) or in the virtual world, where Ericsson puts various video spotlights (Hans Rosling, Brenda Walker, Vint Cerf, Don Tapscott) on the question of Life in 2020.

Facebook and Twitter are many-to-many social media tools and thus best serve discussion (of knowledge), Technology for good is an such a discussion representation.

So now it is my turn to listen and to read, whether your examples fit into the above mentioned categories or whether they broaden the field of Knowledge Mobilization even more.


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