Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Bad tools/services and the speed of innovation

Another bad tool discussion. Oh, no! There are so much more important things to discuss around Knowledge Management and Collaboration - that is always my reflex. However we are discussing bad tools/services again, this is frustrating.
Does this sound familar to you?
To turn frustration into something constructive, I looked at the speed of innovation.
The graph shows the model of difussion of innovation:

Now I play with the impact of bad tools on the different adopter categories:

Agile as they are, innovators jump on new ideas very quickly, however they will move on very fast, if frustrated by bad tools. A key engine for change gets out of phase.

Early Adopters
In this class I see the employees professionally engaged in the implementation. While they should work on the change of the way of working, a lot of their energy is wasted in the "bad tool discussions", working with Innovators as well as with later adopters, they create more of hot air and fire instead of steam.

Early Majority
They will sit and wait a bit longer, as the benefit is diminished by the bad tool performance.

Later Majority
Usually said to have very little opinion leadership, with bad tools, their opinion turns in collective reluctance.

They will hide behind the bad tools in order to avoid change.

So as a consequence, if you want to support innovation, one of the worst things you can do, is to go with bad tools/services. Because there are more important things than tools, the ways of working and the culture. As I have tried to argue bad tools create an innovation adversary culture. In a picture it looks like this:

What do you think, am I bending the model? Or do you see even more impacts?


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