Freitag, 1. April 2011

Knowledge Mobilization connecting community - examples from Ericsson

There is some sense in the statement that everything Ericsson is doing is Knowledge Mobilization connecting community. That is the important "Why" that this company answers. However this approach wouldn’t really serve this post (I would talk about the hundreds of countries, thousands of customers, billions of subscribers, and on and on and on – all true, but not to the point).
So I am leaving out where the core self-interest overlaps with creating benefit for the society, but provide only the extraordinary examples and cooperations – some diamonds and nuggets - for the sake of society.
As I am supporting my argument that connecting community is often an essential part of Knowledge Mobilization for the global community, just try to imagine Knowledge Mobilization in these cases without the connecting efforts – Impossible in my opinion.

Right into it:
Ericsson and the Digital Health Initiative bring health-care access to rural populations through mobile technology.

In the Millenium Project to tackle extreme poverty in Africa – Ericsson has delivered the first telecom services to the Rwandan village.

Every girl and boy should have an education by 2020, is the theme, Connect to Learn is the initiative to make it happen, how? Enabling communication for all.

Another initiative to enable communication for all is the cooperation of Ericsson and the Mobile Broadband Commission.

Under this umbrella there can be found quite a bunch of activities and example of “a 2010 Leadership imperative: The future build on broadband”

That shall do to colour the picture for an ICT Knowledge Mobilizer connecting community. Still I am curious what others in ICT or in other industry sectors do.


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