Samstag, 2. April 2011

Crisis Knowledge Mobilization - examples from Ericsson

I wish I needed to elaborate on Crisis Knowledge Mobilization extensively, but I am afraid recent crisis situations, desasters and catastrophe have supported the reasoning beyond all bearing.
So the first example is the latest from Japan (Ericsson Response)

All in all Ericsson Response looks back on 10 years of disaster relief efforts.

But there are other applications of Crisis Knowledge Mobilization; one enabling communication for all is Refugee reunification.

Other examples for enabling communication for all can be categorized as crisis prevention applications, like the Lake Victoria Project

And obviously the Weather info for all

With this I have finalized my series on Knowledge Mobilization: where to put it in the corporate space, its extended scope for the global community and a bunch of Ericsson examples in all three categories (connected, connecting, crisis).

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