Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Social Media Crises are on the rise

I was writing about Social Media crises, risks and remedies, but while I have looked subjectively at patterns and tendencies, Altimeter brings hard survey data and conclude the same: Social media crises are on the rise, 

Yet many can be avoided through preparation, they conclude. 76% of the crises, they claim, were evitable

Although no company has yet climbed, what they have defined as the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs, completely

Advanced companies invest in four social business requirements: Establish governance, define real-time processes, foster a culture of learning and organize into a scalable formation.
Clearly the difference between between those advanced companies is seen in the percentage of companies with a formalized Social Media Crises Escalation Plan.

So the question is where a company wants to be in the hierarchy, and whether it is prepared for Social Media Crises. The Social Media History was intended to be one piece of the puzzle of preparation.


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