Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Eyes and ears - social media value creation of the second kind

You don't know Joanan and Yuriy? But it would be worth it, because they are great examples of real Knowledge Sharers. They live the Knowledge Citizen that we need.

But the more important thing: They know me!  Joanan shared with me a great TED video on losing seperendipity and Yuriy made me aware of the interesting idea of GrexIt (sharing your inbox towards knowledge base).Social networks connects people, who wouldn’t be connected otherwise (I never had worked with Joanan or Yuriy in a project, we never had a common task), and they nevertheless are my eyes and ears – as I am theirs (yes, I am commited to pay back - that is part of the social media deal - please keep in mind "social media" heroes, who follow me, just to try to sell me something!). From here it is the most simple algebra, with them I have more eyes and ears – even if I have to sacrifize my own for their purposes: The power of sharing.

Of course there is the danger of losing serendipity because social networks connect you always with your own crowd, but following other people I am heavily enriching my personal knowledge base. And when you look what is happening on Twitter, this is how Knowarchies come to live, knowledge develops a center of gravity, attracts more knowledge, is thus able to radiate more knowledge, attracts even more knowledge … you got it.
These two occasions among many others recently, when people start to address me, were the second level inflection point. The first inflection point is, when you find something not only interesting, but really valuable in the noise of tweets, value creation of the first kind. This second inflection point, when people start to address you with knowledge that is creating value for you, because people got to know, what might create value for you, is value creation of the second kind (again and again I am coming back on the concept of the personal brand).
When value creation of the second kind appears, the break even of knowledge sharing has been passed, now it is paying off the investments of hard work, efforts and thinking.
Thanks to all the guys and girls, who made it happen for me!


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