Dienstag, 23. August 2011

KMUK11 - delicious plain fare

What I liked perhaps most with the KMUK11 was it delicious plain fare deliveries (not the hype promises to the future)

When I looked through my notes, I remembered more clever things that Dave Snowden said: "You cannot be creative with expectations on utilization on 70%" (and he didn't mean the number was too low!!!), plain fare on the achievements and challenges (here and here), plain fare even on the personal consequences.
And also Jon Harman (syngenta) was exposed to a time without KM assignment. I found his statement interesting, that this time freed up his creativity. Perhaps it was in this time, when he categorized 7 Syndromes that hinder effective knolwedge sharing.
Anyway they are too true not to be shared, you even can use them as self-survey.

I recently thought a lot on the mutual understanding and common context, and - luckily for my theory - quite some syndromes have their roots not in knowledge sharing but in missing contextualization and missing mutual understanding. So my learning, many of the sharing hindering syndromes are not rooted in the sharing itself, but in the missing mutual understanding and common context.

Tall Poppy Syndrome:

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I'll get cut down, if I say we've got a good practice to share
  • I don't want to endure the scrutiny of others
  • I don't want to be inundated with questions
  • "Let's keep our heads down - we're busy!"
Shrinking Violet Syndrome:

via stockxchng, crocus by swiru71
  • I don't think we are doing anything special
  • Actually, I'm not sure what 'special' looks like
  • Nobody would be interested in what we're doing
  • There are lots of real experts out there
  • Ignorance is bliss!
'Not invented here' Syndrome:

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  • We're different here
  • Nobody else really understands us
  • We have unique problems
  • And anyway, I like coming up with unique answer
Real men don't ask directions (TomTom Syndrome):

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  • I didn't get where I was today by asking for help
  • My colleagues might think I'm incompetent
  • Success is all about self-sufficiency
  • One I've solved my problem, I'll share what I've done
"Don't worry, it's documented" Syndrome:

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  • No time to talk, but let me email you a document
  • Of course I'll share my knolwedge with you - it's all in this report
  • It's all on the intranet
  • Haven't you searched on xxxdoc yet?
"Lock it away" Syndrome:

via stockxchng, chained door by linder6580

  • If I share this openly, it might be taken out of context
  • Someone might make a decision without the full knowledge
  • I know where it is - people can always ask me
  • If I share this openly, it might weaken my position
Hamster-on-the-wheel Syndrome:

via stockxchng, Pipsqueak the Rat by pocheco

I just don't have the time to learn-before-doing 
  • I'd share, but I've got so much on my plate ...
  • I don't think it's worth waiting - I know, what I need to know
  • I know this knowledge-sharing is important, but my objectives are more important

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