Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

The virtual coffee corner doesn’t smell of coffee

I confess: I have stolen the coffee from a friend.
But first, the good thing working with Knowledge Management, we don’t steal, we re-use – at the most we re-use unauthorized.
But second, it was virtual coffee – and as he had coined it, “The virtual coffee corner doesn’t smell of coffee”.

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I try to be realistic, there is enough of “7 ways to make you happy with Social Media”, “6 reasons why you become a hot shot if you are able to spell Social Business” – however still my friend got fed up with me, when I was trying to sell the Social Media as coffee corner faciltating conversations, connection, context and knowledge (solves world poverty and answers, why we live and whether god exists – does God tweet by the way?) – he replied: "Virtual coffee doesn’t smell".
The uncontrolled environment of a coffee corner, as a walk in the forest and an evening with whine and friends is what inspires to serendipity (I am extremely passionate about serendipity, so I hardly write a post without it these days) and unplanned and unexpected assoziations. Sex? Yes, but sorry, I am too late, Ross Dawson is riding this train. This Social Media cannot provide. - True!
I believe we run aground on a huge misconception. It is fantastic that nowadays I am able and can afford to listen to my moaning wife and the complains of my kids, when travelling another continent, but does this mean, I refrain from physically talk to them when at home in favour of using my mobile?
For a trustful relationship there is nothing better then sharing all senses, FACE TO FACE.
When hailing Social Media, we hail the crutches of us handicapped inhabitants of the global village, not the Übermensch. As I interprete Shankman, Social Media does not ask for the "Social Media Expert”, new gurus, but for people, who know their job, to do their job over distance and time zones. That is what Social Media can help with.
I would love to argue and disagree and compromise with the great thinkers that I am following on Twitter or Linkedin, face-to-face. But sorry to say, they sit on the Gran Canaries, in Sweden, US or Australia
I would love to collaborate and cooperate with my enthusiastic colleagues working on Knowledge Management in Ericsson, face-to-face. But sorry to say, they sit in Paris, Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Sydney
Social Media is providing a channel for global companies to stay connected with thought leadership within the corporate and beyond. Nothing more, it is a facility, quite like kitchen facilities, but to make a lively corner coffee, to learn to walk with the crutches it takes human skills.
Yes, and here it comes again (quite predictable), it is the skill to feel empathy, the skill to connect (not the “lower layer” physical connection in telco terms), the skill to create context (which is not only expert information) in order to livt (live / lift)  up to Social Media to a Knolwedge Management tool.


Ps: Tribute to Felix, sorry, your metaphor was too good to die in email!

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